65+ Years of Manufacturing

Through passion, vision, and exceptional lean manufacturing, Kay produces the highest quality components for transmissions, which are allocated to the automotive industry. For seven decades, our family operated precision machining services company has strived for nothing short of perfection. Through our commitment to growth and education, we will see to it that we continue to exceed our customers’ demands for another 65+ years.

Recent News

Kay Launches Newly Redesigned Website

With our constant growth and always adapting mentality, it was time for our website to match our progressive business philosophy. Whether you’re a potential client, you’re seeking employment, or you’re just a casual visitor of the site, all the strong and important information you need about Kay Manufacturing will be right here for you to view!

Expansion Into Southwest Michigan to Create 80 New Highly Skilled Jobs

As part of their growth track plan, Kay announced in early April that it will open its second facility in St. Joseph Township, MI. Kay will make a $9.3 million investment in the community, and will create 80 new jobs over a three year span.

Chicago’s College to Careers Program Comes to Kay

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, started the College to Careers [CTC] initiative in 2011, and in fall 2012 Kay’s President, Brian Pelke, jumped on board. Local industry leaders, such as Brian, are passionate about developing our country’s manufacturing leaders of tomorrow. Read more about CTC and Kay’s involvement below.



Kay’s main focus is supplying precision machining services of carbon steel material to domestic automotive first tier suppliers and forgers on a production basis. Parts such as hubs, races, and flanges are produced at a capacity of more than 30,000 units per day.

However, beyond the basics of WHAT Kay produces, their soul and identity lies in HOW they produce it. Kay is agile, efficient, and productive. From visualization to integration, Kay provides solutions that accelerate their client’s efficiency and productivity.