Kay’s philosophy is simple – don’t reinvent the wheel, but make it the strongest it can possibly be through these five key principles…Integrate, Domesticate, Educate, Automate, Accelerate (IDEAA). The implementation of this ideology allows Kay to produce over 5 million superior transmission components annually.

This is where Kay separates itself from anyone else in the marketplace. Integration is supremely important to everything Kay does. Their attention to detail in producing hubs, races, flanges and much more, is most important
Kay is continuously focused on serving it’s domestic clients by improving output and production on a daily basis
Self Sufficiency amongst Kay’s passionate workforce is a proven asset at Kay. This is why an immense emphasis and investment is put on education
Supports productivity, quality, and safety. Successful automation reduces labor cost per part, thus allowing Kay to sell the highest quality components at a fair price to its clients
Speed is everything in today’s ever-flowing and ever-changing economy. Whether its quotes, prototypes, PPAP, or Start of Production, Kay puts everything they have into getting its clients whatever they need, whenever they need it

Product Development

Creating a mutual sharing of information environment is vital to Kay’s production of high efficient transmission parts. That is why Kay Manufacturing’s consulting division works closely with every client to ensure the product design and development is spot-on. From prototype to end product, Kay delivers the most cost effective and efficient process for every job, working step-by-step with each and every client.


Kay engineers have a deep understanding of every aspect of Kay’s process and Kay’s products. They take full ownership of the lifecycle of each product, and are responsible for producing the most accurate estimates for our clients. Our engineering department initiates internal improvements affecting product flow, tool life, machine and process capabilities, cycle times, and error proofing. Also, most tool and gage design/building, machine rebuild, and tool cutter grinding is performed in-house and managed by the Engineering department.

Quality Assurance

Kay has been recognized by General Motors on numerous occasions, for its commitment to quality practices. In large part, this is thanks to their continued use of the most advanced equipment and techniques in every process. Everyone at Kay is responsible for quality, not just the department, itself. We engineer, build, install, and maintain most of our 2,000 in house gages used to monitor our processes, effectively becoming experts in gage design. Additionally, we perform all of our own gage R & R (Reproduceability and Repeatability) studies. Everyone takes part and everyone is responsible, thus, making the entire company Quality Assurance experts.


Kay produces such high quality transmission components because of their flawless process, and ever expanding capabilities.
Over 50 twin spindle turning centers
Both internal and external
Spline Cutting & Forming
Hobbing, Spline Rolling, and Shaping
Induction Hardening
Destructive testing of pattern and hardness during each shift
High volume, Precision and High Capability
Vertical machining centers integrated via a robotic arm to handle Single Spindle Drilling, Deburring, Burnishing, and Milling
Rust Prevention
Fanuc robot handles piece part for both deburring and applying rust preventative
Articulating robotic arms, automatic gantry loaders, in process gaging, and packaging