Company Overview

Since 1946, Kay Manufacturing has prided itself on using the most cutting edge processes to create high quality components for automotive suppliers, all over the world. Their constant evolution and quality assurance process has made Kay a highly sought after commodity in the precision machine services industry, especially right here, in North America.

Kay Manufacturing was founded as a father-son machine shop over 65 years ago, and has stayed in the Pelke family ever since. Today, all of their precision machine services of carbon steel take place at their 96,000 square foot facility in Calumet City, IL, just outside Chicago. However, this year, Kay will bring its family roots to Michigan, as they open a new facility in St. Joseph Twshp. The expansion will create 80 new local jobs, as the Pelke’s stay true to their American roots by continuing to invest in the growth and success of Midwest industry.
Kay has the capacity to turn out more than 30,000 flawless transmission components a day for the automotive, agriculture, and ordnance markets. All of Kay’s 125 employees have ownership and accountability in the Kay Process, which separates the company from many of its competitors. All employees are highly trained and continually educated by Kay, with an emphasis on internal processing of solutions. At Kay, everyone comes together to create 100% accountability so they can reach their ultimate goal of 0% waste.
With an emphasis on pin point accuracy in their processing and lean manufacturing, Kay is able to constantly deliver reliable service to its current clients, and consistently spark the interest of new markets.


By integrating environmentally sound practices in production, along with error proof processing, Kay’s facility responsibly meets the high demands set for any modern industrial company. Their superior automation provides the productivity, quality, and safety demanded by its clients, while greatly reducing labor cost per part.